Indoor S-Band 1kW GaN SSPA System

Product Description:


The high power, S-Band amplifier system provides up to 60 dBm (1000 Watts CW) of RF power over an operating frequency range of 2025 MHz  to 2120 MHz when configured with two power amplifier modules.  

The modular design includes a system controller, amplifier driver, and amplifier chassis with up to two amplifier modules, two power supplies chassis with hot-swappable AC-DC power supply modules, an amplifier cooling system and a harmonic filter.

The S-Band amplifier module is built using gallium-nitride (GaN) transistor technology.  Up to two amplifier modules are placed in a single amplifier chassis and combined to provide an output power level up to 60 dBm (1000 Watts CW).  High efficiency, hotswappable AC-DC switchable power supplies are used to power the amplifier modules.

The high power, S-Band amplifier system includes a System Controller which is responsible for configuration and management of the entire amplifier system and sub-modules.  The System Controller also provides user interfaces for local and remote control.


Product Features:

• S-band amplifier modules built using GaN transistor

• Modular design supports 1 to 2 power amplifier modules

• Fully protected against input overdrive, temperature and output load VSWR conditions

• Integrated Modular AC/DC power supply

• Local and remote gain adjustment

• Built in LCD display for easy navigation and control

•  Remote control and monitoring via RS485 interface

• HPA GUI software available for local and remote PC control menu 

• Liquid or air cooled systems available upon request

• Exceptional operational life expectancy

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